To The Student

Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson put it best when he iterated that scholars have within themselves the collective wisdom of humanity and are the source of all innovation. Emerson also stated that scholars have the ability to solve problems in new ways, which comes directly from within themselves. Thus, scholars were meant to study and honor all things, but not define themselves, without question, based on “official knowledge.” As a result, Emerson instructed the scholar to renew his or her intellectual development through the depth of individual experience. In so doing, the divine pattern within each soul would make itself known. Thus, the University holds the premise that each student will enhance the field of natural medicine and healing utilizing the University’s unique educational delivery system.

The Purpose and Mission of This Educational Institution is:

1. To teach, promulgate, and advance the philosophy and art of holistic, natural, and integrated healing and encourage others in the same endeavor.
2. To create a realistic bridge between theory and real life experience.
3. To build strong character in our students based on intellectual and inner freedom with the philosophy that all people have the right to the knowledge and availability of all healing modalities.
4. To combine teaching of information with experience to facilitate optimal learning and practical knowledge.
5. To provide quality faculty and staff to assist the students in their learning experience to promote in-depth inquiry and life-long learning.
6. To provide positive, strengthening experiences through quality, independent, sequential and developmental learning for competent and qualified practitioners in the Healing Arts.
7. To seek public, legal and governmental recognition for Naturopathy, Integrative and Natural Medicine, and Natural Healing as a valid, effective healing system.
8. To advance the philosophy that all people have the right to freedom of choice in the selection of physicians and health practitioners and in the type of healing method(s) according to their beliefs and lifestyle.

Study Programs

The programs offered by AIIM are through independent study, practical experience, and clinical externships. We offer an educational process that supports continued education. As a student, you will be taking more responsibility for your education. You will be setting your own goals and be involved in the design of your curriculum. Though we offer a distance learning program for curriculum courses in conjunction with practical training, it is a paramount necessity that your work includes: independent research, extensive reading and writing, projects that apply theory in practical applications, attending seminars, workshops, trainings and acquiring practical experience. This requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline. Our idea of discipline in this context includes: planning, dialogue with faculty and peers, experimentation, problem solving, self-expression, self-evaluation, and integrating your studies into practical experience. It is important to strengthen these skills as they will prove to be valuable tools which can be enhanced through our programs and your own development. In this age of cultural evolution and rapid change throughout all levels of life, it is these adaptive and learning skills which may prove to be most valuable in your profession, learning pursuits, and everyday life.

Preparing for a Natural Medicine Education

The interests of AIIM extend beyond the basic subjects to encourage students to pursue their individual goals and talents. The University’s goal is to attract students from around the globe with a wide variety of talents and backgrounds that will contribute to the growth and progress of natural and integrative medicine. AIIM will encourage and support its graduates to bring forth this knowledge and practice with integrity and strength. Not only is a record of academic excellence important, life experiences and personal attributes are considered for admissions evaluations as well as incoming credit. The challenges of learning and applying natural medicine to one’s life and/or career are many. As a result, the student must learn a “well rounded” science with maturity, integrity, sound judgment, empathy, and a desire to serve. Individuals with the ability to communicate effectively, have a capacity for growth, and demonstrate responsibility and independence are best equipped to meet these challenges.