Degree and Diploma Programs

Please Review the following two payment options and indicate which you would prefer. Other options may be available upon approval by the university. (Registration fees are not required for certificate programs)

Option 1: The “Pre-Paid Accounts” Program: Is full payment of ALL tuition and fees at the time of enrollment. (5% discount)

Option 2: Pay-As-You-Go Payment Plan: You pay incrementally only for the courses you order (and any fees due). Degree students are asked to purchase three courses, minimally.

The “Pre-Paid Accounts” Program – Option 1:

Those students who pre-pay their student tuition and fees in full at the time of their enrollment into AIIM will be offered a tuition incentive to help off-set tuition costs. The monies paid will be held in a separate account, in compliance with tax laws, until courses are delivered to the student

The “Pay-As-You-Go” Program – Option 2:

If a student needs flexibility with their payment plan, the “pay-as-you-go” program allows the student to pay for each course as they are ordered. This payment program is not a financial assistance or loan program. It simply allows a student to custom design a method for paying tuition.

Refund Policy

1. This refund policy applies only to tuition. It shall not apply to application, evaluation, or registration fees, purchases of books or supplies, nor to any other expenses which the student may have incurred incidental to participating in the program, such as travel, lodging and any other personal expenses.

2. A student signing an Enrollment Agreement or making an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees of AIIM shall be entitled to a “cooling off period” of at least three working days from the date of the Agreement or payment deposit, whichever is later. During the “cooling off period” the agreement can be withdrawn and all payments refunded.

3. In the event that a student withdraws or is expelled after the cooling off period, a refund shall be based on the tuition received of courses not yet completed. All refunds are pro-rated from the date on which the instruction period begins which is defined as the date that the instruction materials (courses) are handed or mailed to the student from AIIM. After that date, refunds are according to the amount of time elapsed since instruction began. The instruction period for distance learning at AIIM is determined as four (4) months maximum per course or module. Refunds of tuition paid for courses delivered by affiliated institutions will be according to the refund policies of the affiliated institutions. No refunds will be made for fees paid toward practical trainings. Refunds of tuition will be made according to the following schedule within the instruction period:

1st Month 90%
2nd Month 80%
3rd Month 70%