* The INTEGRATION of independent study, plus practical and residential training options designed for professionals and students seeking advanced degree and certificate programs. This approach allows the student or practitioner to expand their knowledge and training without sacrificing their personal and professional lives.

* The establishment of a WORLDWIDE FACULTY of respected practitioners and educators who have excelled in their professions.

* The availability of CERTIFICATE COURSES that may be completed without the commitment to a full degree program. These certificates enable the student to practice various modalities while completing the more extensive degree programs. Each completed certificate course earns credit hours that can be used toward a degree program.

* The availability of COST-EFFECTIVE Programs that are STUDENT-CENTERED.

PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP for the Master’s Thesis to ensure the synthesis of knowledge and practical applications.

* Directed independent RESEARCH PROJECTS AND CASE STUDIES combined with real life experience and clinical situations to lead the student into in-depth inquiry, integrated knowledge, practical applications, and competency in the field.